Our Story

 Hey! I’m Alexis and I’m the owner of Coco & Bliss Beauty! 


Coco & Bliss was founded out of my need to give my hair a break! (I know you all can relate to that one!)

You see...I had just got back from a deployment overseas, where I was constantly braiding my hair the same way over and over again...which caused my edges to suffer tremendously. 

Before deploying, I cut all the relaxer out of my hair and was rocking a 2 inch TWA (teeny weeny afro), so once I returned home to the USA, my hair had grown out alot and was in that awkward stage where you just don’t know what to do with it!

I knew once I got home that I did not want to fool around with my hair everyday and that I needed a style that was….

  • Quick

  • Easy

  • Didn’t require much manipulation to my natural texture 

  • && most importantly, kept the tension off my edges while they recovered

I bought some curly hair extensions from a couple companies but overall wasn’t satisfied with the product, so I looked for manufacturers to source the hair from directly. I ran into a few bad suppliers but ultimately found the perfect hair...created a wig and kept it moving!

But something unexpectedly happened… Everytime I would go out people thought my wig was MY REAL HAIR and after telling them it was a wig they couldn’t believe it then proceeded to inquire about where I got the hair from

After several of the same encounters, a light bulb went off in my head! This is what people want…. Extensions that match their hair and appear to be real. 

Weave that will have everyone wondering… “Is that her real hair?”