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Our Story

 Hey! I’m Alexis and I’m the owner of Coco & Bliss Beauty! 

TRUTH: I stumbled into my business while looking for a solution to my own hair loss.

For whatever reason, throughout my entire adult life I struggled with some form of hair loss: some issues appeared to stem from my own negligence and others were unknown. I would go through seasons in life where my hair would apparently be falling out for no reason, and although I saw several doctors, nobody was able to provide concrete answers.

Having a lifelong passion for hair and beauty, it was frustrating to not be able to diagnose my own hair issues. When I finally began to see some growth, I joined the military, where I was constantly forced to pull my hair back to adhere to the dress code. This once again caused my hair line to suffer.

After four years in the military, I decided to pursue a career in cosmetology, and began school in 2018. It was during this time that I became refocused on the re-growth of my own hair, so I began to look into extensions as an option that would offer low tension while giving me versatility.  With an extra curly natural hair texture, I searched for extensions that would mimic my curl pattern and blend naturally, but I had little luck. Finally I began doing my research and decided to source my extensions directly from China after finding a company with the perfect texture for hair like mine. I made a wig for myself, and was constantly complimented on “my hair”. After explaining it was a wig (which came as a shock to many), I started to get requests for purchase. After months of explaining to women that I wasn’t selling my wigs - a light bulb went off. 

In our society, and especially in the Black community, hair is more than just a look. It represents power, creativity and strength. To struggle with hair loss in a culture that values it so greatly can be deeply heartbreaking. Through my experience, I realized that many women are looking for (and need) the same products I do, and I began my business with the intention to offer women:

  • Extensions that blend flawlessly with their natural hair
  • Cute, protective styles that allow for low-stress styling & help with hair re-growth
  • Versatility in extensions that doesn't compromise the integrity of their natural hair

With that said, I'd like to welcome you to Coco & Bliss, where we value beauty, self-acceptance, freedom of choice, luxury and of course health! We look forward to having you as part of our community.