Hair Care Guide

How to Define Curls 

*In the video our Kinky Curly texture is used but the same method is used on every curl pattern to achieve its texture.

  1. To get your curls poppin', you should work with small sections!
  2. With each section spray down with water. Lots of water!! The hair should be almost, if not dripping. **This is a critical step***
  3. Apply your favorite curly girl product for extra hold (we use Aunt Jackie's Curl la la),
  4. Finger detangle and brush from bottom up. This will give you the best result, leaving your hair super defined.
  5. Curly Wave: Scrunch the bottom of the section to help the curl pattern form. Doing this on the Kinky Curly may cause lots of shrinkage
  6. Do not touch the hair while it's drying. This may cause frizz. 


  • Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner
  • Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner or;
  • Aussie Moist Conditioner
  • Matching shampoo (when needed)
  • Aunt Jackie's Curl la la 
  • Mannequin Head
  • Bliss Detangling Brush  

How to Put on Wig: 


  • Co-wash (at least) once a week with warm water
  • Finger detangle first
  • Use the Bliss Detangling Brush to detangle && define curls starting from bottom
  • Be gentle when detangling the lace closure 
  • Let hair air dry on mannequin head
  • Use Aunt Jackie's Curl La la curly creme for extra definition and hold
  • Do not sleep in unit 
  • Do not sleep with wet hair
  • Store unit on mannequin head
  • DO NOT use Silicone Mix on this hair! 


Our extensions are versatile but are designed to be worn in the state you receive them in.To ensure the longevity of your extensions we suggest you treat them like your real hair. Avoid excessive heat styling, use moisturizing products and seek the help of a professional when using color or lightener.

Due to the nature of curly hair, shedding and tangling are inevitable and hair will naturally expand daily. This is highly textured hair and can be high maintenance (just like your real hair) if not properly cared for, so please adhere to the guidelines.