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Simple & Flawless Wig Installation

Alexis Gillam

Since before I began Coco and Bliss, everyone has always asked how I put on my wigs and make them look so realistic. I got a haircut earlier this year (my hair was about an inch) and initially blending my real hair with my wig was a bit of a challenge. It took me a couple tries to figure out the best and easiest installation method and below I show you my exact routine. 


Tip 1: Apply your wig grip band

If you don't know, wig grip bands are a great way to keep your wig from sliding! You'll definitely want to order one along with your wigs/bundles! In the video I used a tan one, but lately I have been using black. Typically I get mine here.

Tip 2: Put on your wig and secure with bobby pins

Even with the wig grip band, you'll want to make sure to add bobby pins to hold in place! You can never have too much wig security. I typically use between X and X pins for my units.

Tip 3: Use your pick to fluff out your wig

Depending on the style, you'll want to be sure to fluff out your wig! This is especially important for our Kinky Curly and Deep Curl looks.

Tip 4: Remember to fluff the back!

For even more volume, flip your head upside down and fluff out the back.

Tip 5: Double-check your part

You're almost there! Once again, depending on the style you may want to double-check to that your part is lined up evenly, and either laid or fluffed just the way you like.

I find that installing my wig this way creates way less tension on my hairline and hair in general. With this type of installation, there are no combs pulling on my edges and no tight bands rubbing the back of my hair or giving me headaches

Hair Details: 

Kinky Curly 

3-18" Bundles + 16" Closure 

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