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How To: Choose your Bundle Lengths

Alexis Gillam

Since I started Coco & Bliss, I have gotten so many questions about what lengths to buy when ordering bundles. This inspired to me to create a video and blog on the subject.

With the store reopening earlier this month, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my most important advice on bundle length (and great news – it’s really simple)!

 #1 – Always buy a length longer than you desire! This is especially true when it comes to Kinky Curly or Deep Curl hair. Often times, we underestimate where the hair will lay once it’s installed and with curly patterns, this sometimes means a shorter look than desired. That’s why I always say, buy ONE LENGTH UP. Hair can always be cut after installation, but it cannot be grown to your desired length so give yourself a little breathing room.

 #2 – Make sure all bundles are the same length! Many clients want a layered effect, so they believe purchasing bundles at different lengths will help achieve this! My advice: make sure all your bundles are the same length, regardless of texture. The hair will naturally have a layering effect (as the pieces are layered on top of one another from the base to the crown of the head). That said, to avoid any choppiness or gaps, it’s best to order all one length. Once again, there is always the option to cut and style more to your liking (if you desire more dramatic layers).

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