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Get Perfect Curls Everytime!

Alexis Gillam


Our Kinky Curly hair is one of our best sellers, so get the most out of your curly look with these 5 tips:

  • Part your hair into small sections and do one at a time: Working in small sections helps ensure that you are thorough and best able to moisturize, detangle and define each strand
  • Use lots of water (create a conditioner and water mix for easier detangling): Water and conditioner help the strands glide past each other with minimal tangling and breakage
  • Remember to use our Bliss Detangler Brush: When it comes to detangling, all brushes are NOT created equal. Our Bliss Detangler Brush is uniquely designed with widely spaced, independent flexible bristles that allow the brush to glide through the hair with ease.
  • Apply some type of holding crème or mousse: This will help your curls stay defined, even after they are dry! Disclaimer: mousse gives a light hold so it works better on a curly wave texture. 
  • Avoid touching your hair while it dries (touching can create unwanted frizz)
Once you’ve got those perfect curls, snap a selfie and tag us on social media (@cocoandblissbeauty)! If you haven’t already, I hope this post has inspired you to bag your curly bundles. We have three distinct and versatile textures to match your mood and personality. Browse our collection today:


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