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Get Perfect Curls Everytime!

Alexis Gillam

  Our Kinky Curly hair is one of our best sellers, so get the most out of your curly look with these 5 tips: Part your hair into small sections and do one at a time: Working in small sections helps ensure that you are thorough and best able to moisturize, detangle and define each strand Use lots of water (create a conditioner and water mix for easier detangling): Water and conditioner help the strands glide past each other with minimal tangling and breakage Remember to use our Bliss Detangler Brush: When it comes to detangling, all brushes are NOT...

3 Must-Have Essential Oils for Minimizing Tangling

Alexis Gillam

  When it comes to rocking curly textures, managing tangling can be a frustrating, but necessary, part of the process. When the hair strands get caught and tangled up in one another, breakage can occur, or as is the case with wigs and weaves - your hair can appear to be knotted and nothing like the curls you envisioned.  When it comes to minimizing tangling, natural oils are a critical part of the process! The oil actually allows the strands to gently and smoothly move past one another instead of intertwining, which prevents damage. This is true whether your hair...

Best Extensions for Managing Different Types of Hair Loss

Alexis Gillam

  Today we’re taking a deeper dive into a topic that can be difficult to discuss for many: hair loss. In our society, and especially in the Black culture, hair is so important to identity, confidence and perceptions of beauty. This makes it a fairly taboo topic in our community, leaving many women feeling isolated and ashamed if their hair doesn’t match what they see on social media or in YouTube Tutorials. We’ve also all seen the memes and jokes about “being bald-headed” or having “no edges.” For some of us, we can trace these disparaging comments all the way...

Girls Night in Look: Ponytail Tutorial

Alexis Gillam

There's going to be alot of Girls Night in with everything going on in the world right now! But just because we're stuck inside doesn't mean we can't be glam! Checkout this video that Leslie Latrice did using one 20" bundle of our Kinky Curly hair. 

How To: Apply a Frontal with our Deep Curly Hair

Adryanauna Tuggle

  Hair Used: Deep Curly 3-24" bundles + 20" Frontal