Girls Night in Look: Ponytail Tutorial

Alexis Gillam

There's going to be alot of Girls Night in with everything going on in the world right now! But just because we're stuck inside doesn't mean we can't be glam! Checkout this video that Leslie Latrice did using one 20" bundle of our Kinky Curly hair. 

How To: Apply a Frontal with our Deep Curly Hair

Adryanauna Tuggle

  Hair Used: Deep Curly 3-24" bundles + 20" Frontal 

How To: Choose your Bundle Lengths

Alexis Gillam

Since I started Coco & Bliss, I have gotten so many questions about what lengths to buy when ordering bundles. This inspired to me to create a video and blog on the subject. With the store reopening earlier this month, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my most important advice on bundle length (and great news – it’s really simple)!  #1 – Always buy a length longer than you desire! This is especially true when it comes to Kinky Curly or Deep Curl hair. Often times, we underestimate where the hair will lay once it’s installed...

How To: Shape Curly Hair

Alexis Gillam

Every curly girl needs a variety of styles in her stash that include different colors, lengths and shapes of their curly hair texture so in this video I show you how I shape my Kinky Curly hair. I used 2-16" bundles + 16" closure to achieve this look and right now we have a bundle deal for these exact lengths for only $225. Click below to grab yours now!  

How To: The Perfect Twist Out

Alexis Gillam

  One of the benefits of our Kinky Curly hair is trying all those natural hairstyles that never seem to work out on our real hair. Here I demonstrate a twist out.    Kinky Curly Hair 3-18" Bundles + 16" Closure  

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