How To: Shape Curly Hair

Alexis Gillam

Every curly girl needs a variety of styles in her stash that include different colors, lengths and shapes of their curly hair texture so in this video I show you how I shape my Kinky Curly hair. I used 2-16" bundles + 16" closure to achieve this look and right now we have a bundle deal for these exact lengths for only $225. Click below to grab yours now!  

How To: The Perfect Twist Out

Alexis Gillam

  One of the benefits of our Kinky Curly hair is trying all those natural hairstyles that never seem to work out on our real hair. Here I demonstrate a twist out.    Kinky Curly Hair 3-18" Bundles + 16" Closure  

How to Maintain Kinky Curly Hair

Alexis Gillam

Proper upkeep is a must for Kinky Curly hair and will either have you loving your extensions or hating them. This video was created to show you the best ways to maintain your curly hair.  P.S. These are 2 week old curls. I love how the hair naturally expands daily, makes it look more realistic!  Products mentioned  Kinky Curly hair  Bliss Detangler Brush  Giovanni Smooth as Silk  Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Aunt Jackie's Curl la la 

Most Realistic Wig Install Tutorial

Alexis Gillam

Everyone always asks how I put on my wigs and make them look so realistic. I got a haircut earlier this year (my hair was about an inch) and initially blending my real hair with my wig was a bit of a challenge. It took me a couple tries to figure out the best and easiest installation method and below I show you my exact routine.     Hair Details:  Kinky Curly  3-18" Bundles + 16" Closure 

How to Define your Curls

Alexis Gillam

So many people ask me how I get my curls to look like this 👇🏾 Below is a video on the exact routine I use to get my curls lookin' so bomb! 😍 Step 1: Work in small sections Step 2: Spray each section with water Step 3: Apply your favorite curly girl product (Ours is Aunt Jackie's Curl La La) Step 4: Finger detangle first Step 5: Then Use your Denman Brush and brush from the bottom to the top This technique gives you the best results! Leaving your hair super defined!